Book Formatting

Getting a book formatted for publishing is not a simple task. Your can use a word processor, but that only get you so far. Getting your manuscript into a PDF with the right margins and and gutter clearance requires software such as Adobe InDesign, or Scrivener, etc. WVision Noverl uses the latest version of Adobe InDesign, to create a clewan publishable manscript no matter where you get it printed.



"Don't judge a book by its cover."

In the world of books that's just what a buyer does. If your cover doesn't catch a buyer's eye, they won't bother to read the back blurb . At Vision Novels we take your ideas and create a cover that will get people to give your book a second look and a sale.


Book Printing

Once Vision Novels finishes  your book. and you receive your files it's printing time. There are a number of options the self-published author. Three of these are Ingramspark.

While we reccommed Ingramspark, It's up to you as the person in charge to decide what suits your need the get the finished product you desire