A La Carte  Services

Typing:      $30.00 per hour

This typing fee will be charged for all changes made to your manuscript after formatting. The fee includes proofing, by our staff, all changes made to your MS, and correcting the formatting changes incurred before your updated galley is sent out. This fee is not incurred for corrections of any mistakes made by Mystic Publishers.


Proofreading:      $20.00 per hour

For those authors who need outside edits and corrections proofed, Mystic Publishers offers an independent proofreading service. Mystic Publishers’ proofreaders will read through your MS to verify that punctuation and grammar are correct before you submit your work to a traditional publisher or agent. Proofreaders do not suggest content changes needed.


Cover Design:  Through Vision Novels $395.00

Due to the demand of our authors, Mystic Publishers has instituted an in-house program where we can aid the author in generating a cover for their book. We can design a simple cover for you or use your picture or artwork and design the cover you envision for your work.


Publicity:  By Project

 An author with no publicist can obtain assistance from Mystic Publishers in generating business cards, bookmarks and flyers. These will be generated on an item-by-item basis. Contact a Vision Novels representative for individual quotes.


Formatting:  $1.00 per page (400 single-spaced pages). $.85 per page (after 400 pages).

If an author wants only this service from Vision Novels, we can prepare a manuscript for printing, and save it in PDF format. The Manuscript  must be completely edited and proofed, because the end product will be finalized. Two galleys will be given before we save in the PDF format. If additional changes are needed after the document is saved in its final format, a $35.00 per hour fee will be charged to make the changes. See the website for additional options


Copyright Services:      $85.00

Mystic Publishers can complete the paperwork and secure a copyright for an independent author through the Library of Congress. Copy writing your  MS requires two (2) copies of the previously printed book to be sent with the application or one (1) copy of the unpublished MS.


Supplying ISBN & Graphic: $75.00 (Graphic only, 35.00)

If you only need an ISBN for your project, then Mystic Publishers can help you. We can supply you one from our stock, but remember that it will always point to Mystic when anyone looks it up. If you have your own ISBN and only need a graphic made for the back of your book, we can help you with that too.


The prices listed on this overview are effective as of 02/12/15, and are subject to change. If a price increase occurs, the prices stated within this overview will hold for sixty (60) days after mailing to the author.


Pricing: Evaluation is $50 per 100 pages.

(This service is not editing. It is an evaluation of how to improve your manuscript or how to remedy the problems keeping your manuscript from being taken seriously by the public or a traditional publisher)