What can Vision Novels do for me?


Vision Novels can make your self-publishing experience both easy and cost-effective.  With a complete host of publishing services (from formatting to the finished product), we can walk you through each step (or just one step, if you choose).  Pick and choose our Basic Package or à la carte professional services.


•What types of books does Mystic Publishers publish?


We are somewhat different from other publishers – we’re truly in business to ease the cumbersome publishing process for our clients, especially new authors

 Because of that premise, Vision Novels will assist with the publication of any print-ready book. Material deemed pornographic, adult or offensive will be rejected.


•What is the advantage of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing?


 At one time, authors could only hope that one of the large traditional publishers (e.g. Simon & Schuster) would pick them up.  Along with that reality came the associated low profits for accepted authors.  As a result of these frustrations and the advancement of home computers and the Internet, self-publishing has gained popularity and credibility. In fact, it’s the largest growing segment of the publishing industry.  With self-publishing, the author retains control over each phase of the publishing process and keeps 100% of the profits after expenses!  Did you know that famous authors like Walt Whitman, James Joyce and Mark Twain self-published their works?  You don’t have to be a Walt Whitman to benefit from Vision Novels professional services. We help authors remove obstacles and smoothly step through the publishing process.


•How much will it cost to publish my book?


There are two phases of publishing a book:  1) Preparation, and 2) Printing.


 Preparation costs vary, depending on the author’s needs.  Mystic Publishers’ service choices are simple and straightforward.  Choose from our Basic Package or select many professional à la carte services that target what you need, when you need it.  No worries – if you’re in need of editing, typing, proofreading, graphic design work or copyrighting services – whether you need our complete services or just one, we’re here to lend a hand and ease your frustrations.  Check out our cost-effective pricing!


Once your book is ready for print, we obtain the best price possible for clients from our established vendors. As an estimate of printing costs, a 250-page book with 500 copies printed, costs approximately $5.50 per copy.