•Do I retain the ownership rights to my book?


Absolutely!  You, and you only, retain the ownership rights to your book!   That’s the advantage of self-publishing.  Minus your preparation and printing costs, you retain everything from the sales of your book, and you control the manuscript copy. Once your manuscript is completed you will receive a CD from Vision Novels with a copy of your formatted manuscript you can take to any Book Printer.  This is one of the things that Sets us apart from other self-publishing companies. While we retain a copy of your book for back up, YOU CONTROL YOUR MANUSCRIPT.


•What are Vision Novels’ submission requirements?


Authors can easily comply with our submission requirements. We accept manuscripts in several different formats, but we encourage authors to use Wordperfect version X5 or later or Microsoft Word  version 2003 or later .

This guideline and others minimize the manuscript-to-book time frame and costs.


•How can I submit my manuscript to Vision Novels?


Manuscripts are accepted electronically or on disk or CD-ROM.  Initial submissions for review can be submitted hard copy (paper manuscripts); however, a soft copy (Microsoft Word document) does eventually need to be created.  If you do not have access to a computer, Vision Novels provides this service for an hourly charge.


How is my book price established?


You set the price! That’s right. The best way to make your book marketable is to compare books that are similar to yours. Check the bookstores for books in the same genre, similar content, and with the same amount of pages. This research is key to competing with other works on the market.


How do I get started with Vision Novels?


It’s as easy as 1-2-3 – that’s how many steps are required (sometimes, only 2 steps)! Read on!

Step #1: Submit three (3) chapters of your manuscript to us for review. A Vision Novels’ representative will confirm receipt.

Step #2  Our experienced staff reviews your manuscript and determines if it is ready for printing. If your manuscript is found to be ready for print, our Author Relations Representative will contact you and advise you that our Submission Agreement is being sent to you. If your work is not ready, it is returned to you with a recommendation to have it edited. Vision Novels works with a number of professional, experienced and fair-priced editors who can complete this task painlessly for you. It is not required that our editors review your work. You may also choose an independent editing service. Once your professional editing is completed, re-submit us your three (3) chapters, and our Submission Agreement is sent to you!

Step #3: Complete the Vision Novels’ Submission Agreement which covers the basics such as author information, service options and pricing, payment methods, galley options and more. Upon completion, send it back, and we’ll get rolling!