Can Vision Novels assist me with publicity?


Absolutely! We can assist you with a Marketing Package, or with single services, such as designing postcards or bookmarks, writing press releases, helping you line up speaking engagements or participate in local conferences, and securing book signing events.  You decide where you need Vision Novels’ expertise!


•What size books are available for publishing?


Vision Novels offers two standard book sizes: 5x8 and 6x9.

However, we can handle other sizes on special request.


•What book cover options does Vision Novels offer?


Authors have the choice of either paperback or hardback editions.  This decision is often made based on criteria such as: type or size of book, budget, and personal preferences.  In addition costs of the cover are also affected by the author’s choice of a two color or four color process.


•How do I copyright my book with the Library of Congress?


Vision Novels provides this service as part of our Basic Package or as an à la carte service.  By copy-writing your book, you protect the text, photographs, drawings and maps. You cannot copyright a book title, names or short phrases. Filing with the Copyright Office establishes a public record of your copyright claim. One copy (1)  of the raw manuscript, or two (2) copies of your completed book are required for registration. You may file for copyright yourself, if you would like, at


•Can Vision Novels provide me with an ISBN number?


Yes! An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the 13-digit number found on the back of a book.  It identifies both the publisher and book title.  This number, along with a bar code, is necessary as it assists booksellers in the ordering, pricing and inventory tracking processes. Also, if your book will be marketed through major bookstores and/or franchised retail shops, this information is required. You may purchase an ISBN from Vision Novels.  Because we hold a stock of  ISBNs, you receive the number immediately. The ISBN is registered to Vision Novels, but it is not necessary for our name to be incorporated into the ISBN graphic that is generated for you.  Of course, you always have the option of filing yourself online at Be prepared for a 2-3 week waiting period.