Mystic Publishers Is Now Vision Novels

Due to ongoing confusion between Mystic Publishers (US) and Mystic Publishing (The Other Guy) we made the decision to change the company name.


On February 10 2015 Mystic Publishers became Vision Novels. While the name has changed, our service and commitment to writers (past, present, and future) as a Self-Publishing Aide has not.

 We are a Self Publishing Aide


A Vanity Press

Ten years ago we started Mystic Publishers (Now Vision Novels) after  finding ourselves in the same boat as many first time authors . We wanted  to see our  stories in book form  and contacted a so-called self-publisher.  After a year, a lot of promises  threats and frustration we received  a readable, finished copy of our first book.

After going though the same pains with the second  book we realized we had no control over the actual finished manuscript. So we formed our own publishing company  and made it with a difference.  We are determined never to take advantage of any writer.  We offer the first time author a one time flat fee to get their book ready for publication